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Sarah Skapa makes durable, functional goods to make every day a little brighter. Stay colorful!

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Skapa means create

I've been creating all my life and each new process or craft is an exciting adventure! Sarah Skapa creates fun and colorful goods to make you and your loved ones smile. From clean burning phthalate-free soy candles to sturdy handstitched leather goods, everything I make is designed to brighten your day. Handmade in South St. Paul, MN.

  • Phthalate-Free Soy Candles

    Made with U.S. grown and manufactured soy wax, paper cored cotton wicks, and no dyes or colorants. All my fragrances are phthalate-free for a clean and healthy home. Removable labels make it easy to use Sarah Skapa candles in a gorgeous mantle display or tablescape. With a wide range of sizes and scents you're sure to find something for everyone!

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  • Ice-Dyed Textiles

    Each item takes over 24 hours to produce. I pre-soak with a natural dye-bond solution and then crumple each piece on a drain rack before covering in ice and sprinkling dye powder over the top. As the ice melts and the dye runs through the fabric colors swirl and pool creating gorgeous patterns. Every piece is truly one-of-a-kind and it's so fun to see ! Each item comes to you pre-washed and preshrunk.

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  • Hand-stitched Leather Goods

    Made entirely by hand, each piece is sturdy and durable- perfect for everyday use. I carefully select each piece of leather to ensure it will hold up to years of abuse. (No one intends to machine wash and dry their wallet but if your house is anything like mine it's bound to happen at some point.) Hand stitched with two separate threads running through each seam for the sturdiest darn wallets you've ever seen. Snaps and rivets are all set by hand and I'll guarantee any stitching for life. No gimmicks, no exceptions. This stuff is farm tough!

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